Why Razor365

End-to-End Contract
Lifecycle Management

Razor365 is one of the most comprehensive, advanced, and agile
Contract Lifecycle Management software.

Razor365 is one the most comprehensive Contract Lifecycle Management systems in the industry. It is one of the few solutions that caters to all levels of complexities between two extremes – the quick and simple contracts and the complex, sensitive, labor extensive and time-consuming corporate contracts. Depending on your need or the type of your contract, you can configure unlimited workflows and streamline everything from simple and to the most complex workflows.


360O Collaboration between Business, Legal and External Parties

Reduced Cycle Time and Contractual Risks

Improved Contractual Compliance

Single Touch Point Repository

Integrated ELM Platform

Unparallel Capabilities

* For select slabs only

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Unlimited Workflows

Unlimited Contract Types

Unlimited Templates

Unlimited Clauses

Unlimited Electronic Signatures by Razor365


Client-led Innovation

At Razor365 we listen to the needs, feedback, and suggestions of our customers. Our solution is enhanced with each implementation and allows our users to take advantage of newer features and better practices. If we do not have a feature you need, please ask.

After-sales Support

We believe in assisted onboarding and hence, assign a dedicated client success manager with an implementation team to help new clients with the set-up, training, configuration, data migration and testing of Razor365. We also offer multiple support options from phone, email and online portal.

Future Tech

Open API

Razor365’s open API structure allows you to integrate our solution with most other business applications from ERP solutions to CRMs, pricing and payments systems, human resource management systems, document management systems, et al.

One of a kind Multi-AI Platform

Razor 365 is a robust solution that is can integrate with most AI solutions to put your contract reviews, comparison, abstraction, and due diligence in overdrive. Infact, you integrate multiple AI solutions to perform different functions that are relevant to your business, industry, and location.

Blockchain based ‘Smart Contracts’

With smart contracts, businesses can create a digital transaction ledger of time-stamped, encoded transactions (or blocks) that are shared across a network of businesses. With logic added to these blocks to enforce, confirm, or facilitate the execution of contractual obligations, they form the fundamentals of "smart contract”. Blockchain enabled smart contracts have the potential to extend digital transformation beyond a company's walls and into the business processes it shares with suppliers, customers, and partners and with the ability of self-execution.


Third-party Onboarding

Razor365 offers an optional third-party onboarding solution to help you onboard new vendors, suppliers, clients, partners etc. The solution allows you to maintain an optimal flow of information from third parties and averting risks. The integrated platform provides customized access to concerned users, obtains approvals, and maintains transparency. The onboarding automation software can also provide access to litigation and compliance to bring the entire organization on a single grid.

Automated Onboarding

Onboarding Checklist

Third-party Database Master

Data Centralization

Single Dashboard & Reports

Proprietary Enterprise Legal Management Platform

Ready integration with RazorCube Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) platform to reduce contractual risk by effectively managing:

Contract Disputes

Contractual Compliances

Compliance and Contract related Risks