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The primary goal of any sales team is to drive revenue for its company and fulfill timebound revenue targets. However, sales teams must also collaborate with Legal, Finance, IT, or other departments to comply with their company's client onboarding processes. Unfortunately, most CRM and ERP systems are unable to help sales teams expedite this process, leading to clogged sales funnel and extended sales cycles, which directly impact individual and team KPIs.

A delayed contract has a direct and major impact on the time taken to onboard a client, thereby compromising sales performance and targets.

Razor365 is an integrated Contract Lifecycle Management platform that helps you instantly generate client contracts and collaborate with legal and other teams to review and negotiate contracts for faster transactions quickly. Additionally, it also integrates with various Sales CRM tools to reduce manual data entry and updates.

End-to-end contract lifecycle management for sales and business contracts

Integrate with Sales CRM systems for quick contract requests

Sales teams can instantly generate pre-approved contracts with minimal data entry

Real-time online collaboration with Legal, Finance and other stakeholders


Automated client acceptance via proprietary design framework

Management of contract library, payment terms and renewals

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The advantage of a Sales Contract Management solution is that it can significantly enhance the sales process, reduce the sales cycle time, and boost ROI by enabling a faster contract creation, review, and execution process. It also aids in internal and external collaboration for a smoother negotiation and quicker response times.

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To ensure sales teams are not bogged down with delays stemming from procedural internal and external reviews or approvals, companies should invest in an agile and comprehensive Contract Lifecycle Management system.

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