Procurement Contract Management for Enterprises

Purchase time, lead time, cost reduction, and cost avoidance are a few critical parameters that significantly impact the work, performance, and procurement teams' processes.

One common requirement of a business that influences all these parameters is a 'Contract.' A delayed contract has a direct and major impact on the time taken to onboard a third-party. An ill-managed contract can lead to an increase in the cost of existing or new products or services. To add, there may be other risks arising from an erroneous or ill-managed contract.

Razor365 is an integrated Contract Lifecycle Management platform that enables users to enforce company guidelines and terms on contracts. This timebound solution aims to reduce contract cycle time, avoid bottlenecks, improve multi-party collaboration, and eliminate risks in the contractual process while also enhancing visibility into contractual obligations and integrating various downstream processes.

End-to-end contract lifecycle management for all procurement and purchase agreements

Enforce company guidelines and essential terms in contracts using pre-defined contract templates

Real-time online collaboration with Business, Legal, Finance, and other stakeholders

Configurable request and approval process with custom forms and workflows

Email workflow and multi-party collaboration

Automated electronic signature via proprietary design framework

Management of key obligations, tasks, and renewals

Integration for downstream processes and contract performance tracking

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The advantage of Razor365 for Procurement or Purchase Contracts is that it reduces risks in the supply chain, leads to efficient, quick third-party onboarding, cost control, and aids in internal and external collaboration for a smoother negotiation. Razor365 also integrates downstream processes to help companies track contractual performance.

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To ensure procurement teams are not bogged down with delays and non-compliances stemming from extensive internal and external reviews or approvals, companies should invest in an agile and comprehensive Contract Management solution for procurement teams.

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