The Razor365 CLM Advantages :

This is where the Razor365 CLM comes in handy, with its powerful and pertinent features for the sales organization:

Company Contract Execution Process

Contract Execution :

  • Automation leads to reduction in cycle times & human errors
  • Reduction of paperwork by automating & streamlining processes
  • Increased operational efficiencies by speeding up processes & removing redundancies
  • Multiple configurable templates for each workflow giving unmatched flexibility
  • Integrated eSignature for true paperless contracting

Document Storage, Analysis, Risk & Compliance :

  • Centralized contract and related document repository
  • Risk Management through self-assessment and risk heatmaps
  • Key terms, obligations and task management to ensure 100% compliance
  • Advanced search and reporting to gather key insights and analytics from contracts
  • Downstream process integration for better contract performance management

Key Highlights

And end-to-end CLM Solution for your organisation

Unlimited Configurable razor 365

Unlimited Configurable

Cater to different client categories seamlessly

legal Key Highlights for contracting process
E-Signature with photo

E - Signature with photo & location capture

Authentic secure E-Signature at the click of a button

Left side contracts list
Online Collaborative Contract

Online Collaborative
Contract Creation

Speed up the contract
terms negotiation and approval process

right side contracts list

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