Employee Onboarding and Management Platform for Human Resources (HR)

The primary responsibilities of Human Resources (HR) department is hiring, onboarding of employees, which are complex and labor-intensive processes. HR teams have the responsibility of creating a quick, streamlined, and seamless onboarding of employees and overall management of personnel records.

Razor365’s Employee Onboarding and Management Platform for Human Resources is a simple employee onboarding solution to help you streamline, automate and expedite the employee onboarding process and create a secure and easy-to-search record library with all supporting documents. The platform allows the end-users to collect, check, and upload documents on the HRMS. It also enables the HR person to create an offer letter and get them signed and archive to the Employee Portal.

End-to-end documentation for seamless employee onboarding

Instant auto-generation of employment letters or employee contracts

User-defined intake forms and onboarding checklists

Collate mandatory documents and/or information via email workflow

Secure remote onboarding process with auto-assignments and approvals

Centrally maintain and manage employee records, data and supporting documents

Request employee confirmation or acceptance using proprietary e-sign framework

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Razor365's onboarding platform stems from the need to reduce inconsistencies and manual errors while also bringing efficiency to the employee documentation processes.

The advantage of the Razor365 solution for the HR teams is that the platform reduces the efforts and time taken to onboard employees and improves the overall visibility of employee records. It also creates a library of all active employee contracts with essential terms and annexures that can easily be integrated with the HRMS portal.

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