Case Study

Contract Lifecycle Management for a Leading Retail E-commerce

How we transformed and fast-tracked their contracting processes


A high volume of partner and supplier contracts

Keeping a track of a large number of contract requests

Visibility into contracts executed across departments & business units

Managing multi-layered workflows and processes for various scenarios

Ensuring the enforcement of standard contract templates across all locations and businesses

Monitoring the service level/ response time of departments during contract review

Tracking deviations/changes in contracts

Visibility of key contractual obligations and terms

Tracking of renewals and expiration of contracts


Consultative approach with defined SOW that enabled the customer team to transition phase-wise into a system-centric process

Structuring and migrating legacy data along with related documents

Integration with their existing delivery management system which is on JIRA

Customized workflows, milestones stages based on matter types, departments, locations, and entities

Multiple approvals across various pre-defined conditions/scenarios configured using Approval Configurator

Implementation of digital signage/b> through DocuSign

Centralizing reporting and dashboards for General Counsel, Senior Management & other stakeholders


Significant improvement  in Visibility, Control and Governance with centralized:

  • Contract Data
  • Compliance with internal contractual processes
  • Enforcement of mandatory, process - based approvals

Significant reduction of man-hours and efforts spent on:

  • Searches (Metadata and Attachments)
  • Approvals (Process and Ad-hoc)
  • Contract Execution using integrated Electronic Signatures
  • Internal and External Reporting

Significant increase in eficiency after implementing PracticeLeague Legal Contract Management System