Do You Get Alerts Before Your Contracts Expire?

By PracticeLeague, Feburary 19, 2021   |   5 Min Read

Contracts are a very important part of the legal world and require lawyers to go through various revisions, back and forth, and detailing before they are finalized. A big aspect of handling contracts is that you also need to make sure you keep a track of the various versions, key obligations, milestones, payments and ensure that it is renewed in a timely manner.

Now, if a lawyer is handling just one or two matters, perhaps remembering the contracts’ expiry dates isn’t going to be too tough, but when lawyers are handling multiple matters and having a lot of different important hearing dates and documents to keep track of, remembering contract expiration dates is practically impossible.

This is where a Contract Management Software can help lawyers be on time, quick generate or review contracts and renew contracts in an efficient manner. Due to the features a Contract Lifecycle Management software provides, it be-comes easier for companies to keep a track of the contract from its creation till its expiry

And not just that, lawyers are also notified if a contract is near its expiry date so you can get working on it on time! These notifications can be set by the lawyers as per their requirement.

This Contract Reminder Software can also help in contract assembly, document and contract automation, contract templates and clause library. It has contract lifecycle management that provides a bird’s eye view of all the documents, dates, key terms, contractual compliances, emails and status updates. It also works as an E-signature Software for con-venience.

Are you looking for such an inclusive Contract Reminder Software that not only helps with the quick and easy creation of the contracts, but also helps in keeping track of its every aspect and be reminded about its expiry for a smooth renewal? PracticeLeague’s Contract Management Software has all these features and much more that makes contract creation and automation a breeze. Never forget a contract expiry date again!