Can Creating Contracts from Templates Have Any Advantages

By PracticeLeague, Feburary 5, 2021   |   5 Min Read

Creating and drafting a contract is a big part of the legal industry and whether you have to create a short and easy document, or draft one with various clauses and terms, the task of drafting a contract is daunting, time consuming and takes a lot of concentration with no room for error.

Which is why some lawyers prefer using Contract Management Software that can help in automating the creation of the contract. You can easily draft a new contract by using rule-based texts and clauses depending on what you need.

Creating the Contract

Using your own standard templates to create a contract can greatly help in lessening the amount of time and energy it takes to draft a new contract. With a simple questionnaire answered, you can easily build a new contract as the Contract Management Software has the ability to automatically generate one without any errors.

Terms and Clauses

Every contract may need different terms and clauses. Instead of having to write them in each contract, a Contract Management Software allows you to create a library of your standard clauses which you can search and insert in any contract with a simple click.

Version Tracking

With multiple rounds of discussions and negotiations, there are bound to be multiple versions of every contract. A Contract Management Software can help in storing all these different versions and allows you to find out who uploaded each version and you can even download each version to view the changes made in each version.

Creating, comparing and completing a contract is much easier when using a Contract Template Software. PracticeLeague’s legal solutions offer numerous contract creation features, and makes the lifecycle of a contract smoother.